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Who is Jim Suzio?

Photo taken in the studio of

"It's So Easy" the PBS  

TV show, on 12/26/2008  Season 4 Episode 8.

This broadcast is called "Insider Tips"

James David Suzio is an independent educational consultant and motivational

sewing speaker He has been sewing for over 30 years. He learned how to sew from reading books, watching 

videos and from trial & error.


His award-winning artistic capabilities are evident in some of his lavish creations and in his "Movie Star Knock-Offs."

You can find information about this broadcast on the It's So Easy website.






Jim's teaching skills have taken

him all across America as well

as Canada and Australia.




Sue Hausmann, Jim Suzio and Martha Pullen

Jim with Sue Hausmann at the

first "Sew Beautiful Martha Pullen

Heirlooms" with Husqvarna Viking

School at Amy Baughmann

Sewing Center in New Brighton, PA.


Jim with Amy Baughmann below


Jim's First "Live"

television appearance

on the set of the

"Big Breakfast"

show in Canada



Jim has been included in these publications:

Sulky's Secrets to Successful Stabilizers

The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide

Martha Pullen's "Making Memories"

And in several of the companion books to the former PBS series, "America Sews with Sue Hausmann",  which Jim has been a guest on several occasions.


Some of his more notable creations include three jackets, which have been featured in Husqvarna/Viking print ads, as well as two reversible cutwork jackets designed  for Sue Hausmann.

A close up of Jim Suzio's Jacket





His line of embroidery designs,

the "Fringe Benefits"series have

been featured on several television

programs, as well in magazines.

Jim's machine embroidery designs

are for sale on this site.

You can see his designs HERE 



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Music: "Sovereign Quarter" by KevinMacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons

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