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These designs have been restyled and digitized to sew out better and faster  They come in 5 sizes!  From the standard four inch hoop 100x100mm to a large sized hoop  350mm x 360mm.


A total of 60 designs in this collection.


All models sew out with little or no jumps, and may include one or more color stops (for ease of trimming threads for details), and were designed for a smooth transition  (when using multi position embroidery hoops). Guideline booklet included.


(Reg Price $69.99 }

SALE $39.99 (CD version only)

(+ $4.00 shipping)



SALE $39.99 (CD ONLY by mail)

($43.99 with shipping only in USA)


Note: Though similar in design, the 2009 version of the "Runway" designs have been totally redigitized for

faster and smoother stitchouts. All of the designs were created to stitch out on a base fabric with

corresponding stabilizers and have been tested on several "home" embroidery machines.

Original artwork copyright "Cutting Lines Designs"



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